Fajer Fahad photographed by Cibelle Levi for Vogue Arabia October, 2016. [SEE THE STORY]

"The globe-trotting 28-year-old [Fajer Fahad] later moved to L.A. where she now rubs shoulders with some of Hollywood’s most renowned faces including celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkins and makeup artist Pat McGrath (who counts Fahad as part of her inner circle)." — KHAOULA GHANEM, VOGUE ARABIA

Fajer Fahad photographed by Phil Oh for Vogue's Best of Paris Street Style October, 2016. [SEE THE STORY]

"For the final round of Fall ’17 shows, Phil Oh is tracking the most stylish girls and guys in Paris..." — VOGUE

Fajer Fahad photographed by John Tsiavis for Harper's Bazaar Arabia's Best Dressed, 2016. [SEE THE STORY]

"It was while picking up the dress up from the boutique...that [Fajer Fahad] got talking to Azzedine. “He asked what I was planning on doing after I finished university and I told him I was starting an internship at Lanvin. He said he wouldn’t have it and that I needed to work with him.” That was five years ago, and Fajer spent the next four years working her way up from intern to director of special collaborations and head of public relations." — KERRIE SIMON-LAWRENCE, HARPER'S BAZAAR ARABIA

Fajer Fahad photographed by Tom Newton for Into The Gloss March, 2016. [SEE THE STORY]

"I've always been known for beauty, which is probably why I recently started contributing to Violet Grey. Before them, I worked for Azzedine Alaïa here in Paris...It's such a small team, and we worked with Azzedine directly in the studio." — FAJER FAHAD

Fajer Fahad selects Best Beauty Treatments for 2016 as Contributing Editor for Violet Grey March, 2016. [SEE THE STORY]

"...The Violet Files’ globe-trotting contributor and spa aficionado Fajer Fahad, whose latest regimen may involve indulging in Christophe Robin hair treatments while cleaning out her kitchen cabinets or flying to Dubai for a tooth-whitening session with the world’s most handsome dentist." — JESS BASSER SANDERS, VIOLET GREY

Fajer Fahad photographed by Valentina Frugiuele for Vogue Arabia's 'Street Chic from Fashion Week' March, 2017. [SEE THE STORY]

"Undeniably, fashion month is the ultimate source of fresh outfit inspiration. It’s when every show attendee brings their sartorial A-game to the front row and showcases a unique spin on the designer collections, past and present." — PHILIPPA MORGAN, VOGUE ARABIA


We grilled our jet-setting friends about their current on-the-go beauty rituals, and—because we can’t help ourselves—made a few recommendations as to how they might upgrade their routines. First up: fashion and beauty editor Fajer Fahad, whose flawless complexion belies her non-stop travel schedule. Read on for more.

Fajer Fahad photographed by Ina Lekiewicz for The Modist, 2019 [SEE THE STORY]

“Do you remember when it started? Have you always been like this?” The telephone line goes quiet. Silence for a solid three, maybe four, seconds. “Always.” Fajer Fahad states, deadpan. Her early fascination in fashion and beauty grew to ‘ob-session’,”— ELLE TIMMS, THE MODIST

Fajer Fahad photographed by Alexandra Utzmann for Dior, 2015. [SEE THE STORY]

"...when Dior invited editor and style influencer Fajer Fahad to have her makeup done by one of the brand’s artists for their spring 2015 runway show in Paris, [Fajer] looked to Dior itself for inspiration." — CHRISTINE WHITNEY, VIOLET GREY

Fajer Fahad 'In Conversation with François Nars' as Contributing Editor for Vogue Arabia April, 2017. [SEE THE STORY] 

"One of the first makeup artists who successfully parlayed his talents into other arenas—including photography and brand building—François Nars, stands as the blueprint that has inspired a generation of countless beauty enthusiasts." — FAJER FAHAD, VOGUE ARABIA